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Keep Calm and Plant In The Fall!

Did you know that fall is a great time to plant? 

Typically, planting new life and enhancing your homes beauty is at the top of everyone's mind when the first signs of spring hit. However, did you know that the fall is arguably an even better time to plant? Let’s take a look at all the reasons why you shouldn’t hold off your planting plans for another year if you missed the springtime window.

  • Soil Temperature – While the air temperature begins to drop in the fall, the soil stays warm from the summer sun. Warmer soil encourages seeds to germinate and roots to grow.

  • Air Temperature – As the air temps drop it signals that winter is on its way. Plants begin to focus their energy underground, as above ground growth begins to slow. The cooler air helps to stimulate plant root growth and prepare for the colder months ahead. 

  • More predictable precipitation- More consistent rainfall arrives alongside fall’s cooler temps. Dry soil from the summer drinks it in and helps keep gardens workable. Unlike the soggy and unpredictable spring that keeps you sidelined while the soil dries.

  • Less weed competition - In spring, actively growing weeds compete aggressively for water, light and nutrients, fighting your new plantings for every ray of sunshine and every raindrop. Fall planting lets new plants get started without the competition from weeds. 

  • Fresh fall perspective - When plants drop their leaves, it's easier to see where your garden or landscape is lacking. Fall planting sets the stage for a new-and-improved show come spring, but it also packs an immediate impact.

  • Fewer insect pests- Plants can enter winter without pest stress and be greeted by spring’s arrival pest free. Trees go dormant during the winter months in an effort to conserve their energy. Giving them two seasons of reprieve from insects helps their overall longevity.

  • Bonus growing season- Fall planting gives new plants a cool growing season, followed by a winter rest, and a second, strong growing season in spring — before summer arrives. With some plants, that bonus fall season is almost like gaining a year.

Are you still not sure if you should be planting this fall or wait until spring? Give us a call and we would be happy to have one of our designers meet with you to discuss your next steps.