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Time For A Pool Renovation?

Do you have an outdated pool area in your backyard that you’d love to change? Did you know that you don’t have to tear out your existing pool to make it look brand new?

Take a look at these methods that can help transform your entire outdoor area at a fraction of the cost from starting over.

1. Redo Your Pool Deck

Broomed finished concrete is so last century, more and more people are using paver designs that add some much-needed flair. Replacing the pool deck also opens you up to more possibilities such as redoing the pool coping, vinyl pools can now use stone or brick coping just as easily as concrete pools. Also, if you’ve had your original pool deck for a while, you may be rethinking the current size and configuration, this is a great time to expand the dimensions and the area it covers to better suit your needs. But before you dive into a complete pool overhaul, there are some things to take under consideration. With all the different colors, patterns, and textures to choose from, you’ll want to be careful that each component fits well together and isn’t overwhelming. Also, since you and your guests will be walking around your pool barefoot, you’ll want to pay close attention to how the surface feels and how hot it will get in the summer. 


2. Brighten Up Your Lighting

Illuminate your swimming pool environment and surrounding area with the latest in LED lighting. With all the different styles and colors there are to choose from, you’ll be pleasantly surprised how well LED technology can dress up your entire pool area. 


3. Incorporate A Water Feature

While you’re sprucing up the surface around your pool, think about adding the sound of falling water into your landscaping. Whether that’s adding boulders to create a waterfall or installing precise jets that shoot a stream of water, or several, into the pool. No matter which option you choose, well thought out water features blend into their overall surroundings and can really boost the ambiance level around your pool.


4. Try Adding the Element of Fire

While you’re at it, why not add the element of fire? Crackling fires warm the night air and add unmatched ambiance to your evening swims. Whether it’s a fireplace with a comfy couch nearby or a fire pit with enough seating around to entertain guests, an open flame on the edge of your pool looks magical and exotic. Fire isn’t just visually appealing but can also serve some practical purposes. In addition to providing some extra lighting, smoke from the fire can assist in keeping mosquitoes and other insects away.

If it’s time to do some updating in your backyard, we hope that you try out one of these methods. Choose one, choose a couple, or really transform your backyard into an oasis by implementing them all! Now is the perfect time to start planning for spring.