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Why Your Property Needs A Spring Cleanup

Spring is right around the corner – and that means it’s time to start thinking about a spring cleanup! No, I’m not talking about cleaning out your closet and washing your windows, I’m talking about tidying up your landscaping!

Spring cleaning for your property can turn into a big job! Here is a list of ways to get your yard ready:

  • Remove any debris from your lawn and garden beds.

  • Tidy up with fresh mulch.

  • Re-seed damaged areas of your lawn.

  • Prune and trim your trees and shrubs.

  • Apply pre-emergent.

Remove any debris from your lawn and garden beds, leaving them open to absorb nutrients.

Removing debris that has accumulated over the winter will instantly give your lawn a sigh of relief. Winter winds and snow may bring down extra branches and leaves onto your lawn. Leaving them on your grass can create dead patches on your lawn. That’s why decluttering your landscaping starts with picking up scattered sticks and rounding up the leaves.

Tidy up with fresh mulch, to ensure your landscape beds and soil will be protected.

It is recommended to put in a fresh application of mulch each spring. This allows your landscape beds and soil can reap the most benefits from mulching. This includes erosion prevention, soil insulation, and moisture retention.

Read our newsletter from last year (HERE) to determine and learn what to do if your property has too much mulch.

Re-seed damaged areas of your lawn, for a lush green lawn all summer long.

If you notice bare patches or a thinning yard, spring is a great time to overseed and re-seed your lawn.  Filling in bare spots in early spring will allow seeds enough time to become established before the summer heat. It’s important to understand which kind of grass seed is best suited for your lawn and when to fertilize.

Prune and trim your trees and shrubs to prepare them for the growing season ahead.

Not just for the lawn. Shrubs and bushes are trimmed or pruned depending on their needs and ornamental grasses are cut down to curb any overgrowth. Routine pruning help to shape your plants and keep them healthy by removing and dead or dying branches that could potentially weaken the plant, making it susceptible to plant disease.

Apply pre-emergent, to prevent weeds from growing in your landscape beds.

Applying a pre-emergent weed control is another way to protect your landscape beds. This helps to keep pesky weeds under control and out of our landscaping, so they don’t steal nutrients that your landscape shrubs and plants need to thrive during the growing season.


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