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Rest Easy with the Proper Fall Clean Up

At some point in the next couple weeks, there’s going to be a lot of work that needs to get done outside your house. Can we help?

A professional fall clean-up will do much more than free up a weekend—though that is a precious opportunity in its own right. With Landscapes by Terra, you can get your yard looking sharp now and start planning for spring. Here are some of the things we’ll be doing this fall:

  • Installing Bulbs: Fall is primetime to get bulbs in the ground for next year’s flower beds. We’ll help you cluster color effectively with a lot less work than it would be to plant in spring. The ground is finally cool enough for ideal planting conditions and the frost hasn’t set in—it’s time to go.

  • Aeration and Fertilization: Lawns are made to be used and they get packed down. Sports, barbeques and pets all leave their mark—unless you want bald areas next year, your turf needs some tending to. We’ll aerate the ground, allowing water, air, and nutrients to better circulate through the soil and root structure.

    • If the lawn is starting to thin, it might be time to overseed. We can also apply a layer of compost and fertilize the lawn, if it needs nutrients to endure pests or the winter.

  • Plant and Tree Care: We’ll trim the ornamental plants you have, restoring their shape before the winter and preparing them for new growth next year. As they prune, our teams will be on the lookout for evidence of pests or limbs that could be a liability during the extreme winter weather.

    • Fall is also a good time to install new shrubs and trees. Our wide selection of species will help you create privacy, shade and separation in your unique space.

  • Mulching: Our varieties of mulches will renew the color of your yard this fall, and our teams will edge all beds to keep grass from encroaching on clean lines. Along with beautifying your property, mulch plays an important role in protecting the soil of the plants its surrounds. Mulch reduces the effect of temperature extremes and helps the soil retain water, both of which aid trees and plants during the long Ohio winter.

  • Clean Up & Inspection: Our landscape crews are well supported and attentive to properties they care for. As they clear leaves, deadfall, and excess thatch—they will keep an eye out for the health of the overall landscape. Fall floods and frosts alter the behavior of groundwater, and our teams will be alert to potential drainage problems.

It’s not easy to make time to fully prepare your property for the winter, though your lawn and flowerbeds will really appreciate it. You’ll see our trucks around this fall as we help people get their place set for the winter. There’s still room in our schedule before we have to strap the plows on.

Give us a shout today, and we’ll strategize the perfect fall clean up package that saves you time now and money in the spring.

Rest easy,

Jeff and Mindy Stroupe, owners