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Does Your Patio Need A Refresh?

While pavers provide many benefits over concrete it doesn’t mean you can install them and forget about them. They do require some TLC to keep them looking their best for years to come. To get the most out of your patio and walkways we recommend having them power washed, re-sanded, and resealed every 4-6 years.

It’s important to note that pressure washing concrete pavers, especially newer ones can easily damage the surface by breaking up the aggregate material and eroding the color. That is why we suggest hiring a professional who has been trained to complete the task. To clean your pavers effectively and safely we use a combination of a wide spray nozzle and a walk behind surface cleaner.

However, cleaning isn’t the only thing, let’s look beyond the surface. It is also crucial to refill your joint sand and reseal your pavers to keep them in place and prevent the sand from washing away. Not only does this ensure stability, but in doing so you are preventing the growth of weeds and moss which can ultimately damage your pavers.

Sealing creates a barrier on top of the pavers and is meant to protect them from the elements (rain, sun, etc.), any de-icing products that may be used, freeze-thaw cycles, and anything else foreign that were to fall on them.  Rain can be hazardous by exposing the smaller aggregate in the pavers and causing them to chip away. The UV rays from the sun really attack the color on the pavers and make them fade overtime.

A quick and easy way to tell if your pavers need to be cleaned and resealed is to turn your water hose on and watch the water bead up on the surface. If the water is not beading, you might need a fresh coat of sealer placed.

Still not sure if you should be getting your patio resealed and sanded? Have one of our experts come out to take a look!