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Plant Life with Intention

Garden landscape design is an essential part of any home. Done right, you’ll be surrounded by vivid colors in each season, and the plant selection will contribute to the long-term health of the property as a whole. Take advantage of striking yet functional landscape options that prevent erosion and naturally repel ticks, mosquitos and other pests.

Whether you are trying to select the perfect plantscape for a large renovation, or you are looking to add a dash of seasonal color, our design team is ready to craft a vibrant and original garden landscape design that will only gain in beauty as it matures.

We’ll work within your preferences to select a range of species that create a distinctive atmosphere and harmonize with your home. Create new shaded spaces to gather, and give yourself a kitchen window view full of life. Border a walkway flowers that bloom in conversation with your home’s architecture and palate. Install a privacy screen of beautiful trees to lend a soft, intimate touch to otherwise open space. Enhance curb appeal with front garden design ideas that set your home apart.

Our award-winning designers will be a passionate counterpoint to your inspiration, using their experience and knowledge to help you get the most value out of the plants you select for your home and garden.


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