Estate Maintenance

Landscapes by Terra has the knowledge, skill and training to bring the best out of your landscape. 

You’ve got a great property, but to ensure that your landscape is all that it can be, you need skilled professionals to care for it properly. Without the proper care for just one season the health and appearance of your lawn, plants, trees & bushes can suffer. Spring & fall cleanups, weeding, tree & shrub pruning, seeding & aeration are among the critical tasks to maintain an optimal landscape. 

Has the maintenance of your property taken a back seat to work, family, kids & leisure? Keep doing what you love on weekends and let us be the ones to keep your property beautiful. Are your bushes and shrubs overgrown giving an unorganized, messy look? We can prune and trim them back or design something new to better suit your home. Have your plants and garden beds become dull and boring? We’ll work with you, get to know your tastes and design something vibrant, inspiring and full of color that will excite you every time you step foot outside!


Frequently Asked Questions

We provide a high-quality service that focuses on the final product. We can handle all levels of maintenance whether it is a residential location or a large commercial property, and everything in between. We do that by adapting to the customer’s needs and budget, instead of only offering flat package services and bundled rates.

We use a baseline measurement for all aspects of the property. After our initial walkthrough we complete an evaluation based on our professional standards as to where the property is currently performing. Then we put together an action plan that will get the property at our standard rating of 95% or better.

If you are a full-service estate maintenance customer, we will be on the property every week. You will have a certain day of the week that we will perform services. For example, if Monday is your day, then all services that fall under that category should happen on Monday weather depending.

If you are not a full-service estate maintenance client then you are able to choose when you would like service. For example, if you sign up for 10 estate maintenance service a year, we will split them up to happen every 3 weeks.

You will receive an email at least 24 hours prior to the service being performed. The property manager will also be in contact should an issue on the property arise so that we can correct any problems before they become bigger issues. You can reach out to the property manager at any time for questions.

We offer seasonal color that can be switched anywhere from 1 to 4 times throughout the year, this typically occurs at the beginning of each season. By adding various kinds of plants that offer a range of colors you can keep your landscaping looking bright and welcoming all year long.

Yes! We view our relationship with you as a partnership and love to hear what you are looking for and when you want services. We collaborate with you to determine which type and color of annuals you desire and do the best to source them.

Throughout growing season, it is recommended to cut your grass with a 3” to 3 ½” blade, and the final cutting of the season to be cut at approx. 2 1/2“

Helps with weed control, retains water for plant roots, adds organic material to the soil.

Yes, we do have a fertilization program with weed control; we do 5 applications per year.

You should expect a winter pruning and 2 seasonal pruning’s per year.

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