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Landscaping Trends for 2023

As I sit here writing this blog post there is snow on the ground and it’s only 16 degrees, which has me longing for the warm sunshine and crisp, fresh air that comes with spring. Before long it will be time to start planting and preparing your landscaping for the growing season ahead. That’s why I thought it would be imperative to provide you with the trends we expect to see this year in homeowners’ yards.

  1. Garden of Eden- A well-manicured, weed free lawn isn’t exactly wildlife-friendly, which is why we expect to see gardeners let the borders grow long and take up more of a tapestry lawn to invite pollinators, reduce maintenance, and provide season-long habitat for animals. This trend is also about nurturing nature, incorporating edible plants in with the rest of the landscaping, bringing together both activity and life.

  1. Backyard Utopia– According to one source the number one reason people are taking on an outdoor project is to create a space to relax and unwind. This type of design relies on plants with different ombre shades, texture, foliage, tropicals, and grasses. Large plants that can shield homeowners from their surroundings and offer a resort-type feeling just outside their door.

  1. Victorian Era- The New Victorian Garden brings an elevated maximized version of a cottage garden. This type of garden while casual and rambling is not chaotic like the typical cottage garden but will still use strong lines and structured plating to create an ordered look. You can expect to see varying shades of pinks and white with classics such as roses, lilacs, hydrangeas, and hollyhock in this style of garden.   

  1. Going Native- Planting native plants has become all the range this year and for good reason. It’s much less maintenance dependent, has minimal water needs and provides a more natural look.  It also has the added benefit of supporting local native bee populations, migratory birds, and butterflies. It’s no surprise that this years’ “Plant of the Year” is Rudbeckia, also known as “Black-Eyed Susan.”

  1. Design Simplicity- Gorgeous landscapes don’t have to be complicated. This trend is about elevating your landscaping by evoking elegance, history, and tradition.Simple color palettes (such as green and white) and repeat forms provide a strong visual impact without adding clutter to the space.

If you are thinking about giving your landscaping an upgrade this season, reach out to us today and get the process started. Our team of designers are well versed in all kinds of trends and would love to see your dream backyard come to life!