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Keeping Cool With Outdoor Structures

With the bright shining sun, rolling clouds, and lush green grass – summer is meant to be spent outdoors! However, sometimes you need protection from mother nature and that’s where we come in! Deciding what’s best for you can become a complicated process; for example, you must first consider the overall amount of space you have to work with, what you want to use the area for, and the level of protection you need. Not to worry, we’ve gone through all your options in this newsletter.

  • Shade Sail - Shade sails are a modern, elegant, and non-permanent way of offering relief from the sun. They consist of fabric being stretched across engineered poles to accent and provide shade to a seating area. They can be moved to various places throughout your space and come in a wide variety of colors. Since they are made of fabric, it is recommended that they be taken down during winter.

  • Arbor – Arbors are the smallest and simplest permanent structures mentioned. They are used to define a point of entry, divide different outdoor rooms, or frame a focal point in your garden. Arbors can be made of wood, metal, or other rustic materials. Arbors typically have vines or plants, especially roses, growing around them and often have a handcrafted look and style.

  • Trellis – A trellis is a structure that has an open framework or lattice which is meant to support climbing plants. They can be built from wood, vinyl, or metal and an be seen as freestanding or attached to the home. Trellises can be used to designate boundaries in a garden or around a home and may be used in conjunction with other backyard structures.

  • Pergola – Pergolas are freestanding structures, typically with four posts that support an open roof of trelliswork with open sides. To make your pergola more charming you can train vines or other plants to grow overtop the structure. Additionally, curtains can add a touch of romance and style to your space. Pergolas and arbors are sometimes mistaken for each other; however, they are different structures. Pergolas tend to be larger, offering more shade and privacy and can also be connected to another structure on one side. This makes them a popular and versatile backyard structure.  

  • Cabana – Cabanas compliment a pool area and provide a covered area to stay cool on hot summer days. They typically include outdoor drapes and are used as a lounging area for poolside snacking and relaxing.

  • Gazebo – Gazebos are one of the larger more defined backyard structures. The have a solid roof and open sides and are standardly octagonal in shape, though today they vary greatly in size, shape, and design.

  • Pavilion- Pavilions are the largest kind of outdoor structure providing a covered roof and ample space for large parties or gatherings. A gentle summer rain won’t interfere with your entertaining plans, and you can enjoy the cool summer breeze with the open-air design.  These structures are commonly found in parks and near outdoor kitchen or living spaces.

  • Greenhouse- A greenhouse is a structure with walls and roof made of transparent material, such as glass. Greenhouses are typically used to keep plants warm in any type of climate by letting the sunlight in during the day to warm the space. Small greenhouses can be built in backyards and provide a tropical space no matter the season.  

  • Screened Porch- Screened porches offer the feeling of being outdoor while having the benefits of being indoor. They are a separate structure on or near the exterior of a house that has been covered with window screens. This hinders insects, debris, or other objects from entering the area. While screened porches are often attached to houses, they can also be built separately in order to simplify the construction process.

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