Design Process

Your Ideal Landscape Design Process

Maximize Value and Minimize Stress with Our Award-Winning Design Team

At Landscapes by Terra, we have honed our relationship management over the course of 30 years. Tastes and technology in landscape design are always changing. We’ve baked into our method the means to adapt with the times and handle unforeseen dilemmas.

The individual needs and circumstances of your project will take on a unique shape, but below you will find the milestones that will comprise the general trajectory of your project.

Initial Consultation

After you reach out, we’ll send one of our designers to walk around your property with you. These are folks who live in the Columbus area. They deal with the same peculiarities in the soil, weather, and have designed landscapes for themselves and a long line of happy clients.

When you ask questions about the budget, timeframe and site conditions, our designers draw on centuries of collective company experience. They’ll help you maximize the beauty and utility of your space by listening to your ideas and providing informed options to consider.

We’ll set preliminary budget expectations with clear design fees, and if it works for you, we’ll start sharpening our pencils.

Discovery & Design Development

We begin with an in-depth survey of your property, taking samples as necessary to give us a sound understanding of what proper construction and design means for your land. Our team will inventory existing elements and plant material, identifying key plants for preservation or transplant.

With a more comprehensive understanding of your land, we will create a timeline for design, and provide a realistic estimate. At a follow up appointment, we’ll identify and develop design ideas based on what we hear from you.

Design Review & Finalization

After a systematic review, we’ll present our design to you and finalize the changes we need to make. Using Uvision® 3D Landscape Creator, we can provide a virtual walkthrough of your landscape project, which will help you select from the large variety of plants and materials we have experience working in.

With an estimate amended by any necessary or preferential changes, we’ll sign a construction agreement, and get your project on the production calendar.

Site Preparation

In the week before your project begins, we’ll meet on site to discuss special concerns. If there are going to be trucks coming to your sidewalk for a week or more, a little bit of planning can smooth the experience with your neighbors.

Removal & Installation

Most of the unexpected issues arise during excavation and removal, which may include the discovery of unmarked lines or other buried impediments. With the property ready for installation, polite and tidy workers will transform your yard into the dream you shared with us the first time we spoke on the phone.

Daily site and project supervision are structured into our management. Issues that arise are identified and dealt with routinely by the crew leader, who is well supported by the design team. Satisfaction is ensured through onsite progress meetings, and we provide digital reports with pictures for clients whose schedule prevents them from meeting in person. 

Final Walkthrough

The job is complete when you are thrilled. Before we leave, you will assist us with the final walkthrough. We’ll make sure you know how to maintain your new environment, lights, and features, and discuss estate maintenance options.


In this crucial stage, which will last long into the lives of people who are not born yet, you will have a unique and comfortable retreat to share with those you love.

What’s your idea? It can be done—give us a call and find out how.