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$75,000 Budget

A traditional brick patio that was over two decades old was in need of an upgrade. Looking to enlarge the current patio space but wanting to reclaim the current brick pavers from the original project, the homeowner agreed to this unique design. We incorporated Oakville Blue Ice pavers to marry the traditional look of the clay bricks to the modern gray tone and large size of the Oakville pavers and add additional size.

The renovated patio now spans a total of 1800 square feet, just under half the square footage being made up of the new Oakville pavers. The space is now large enough to house a six-person dining area, egress window seating area, and fire pit space. We cleaned up the egress window space with new retaining walls and steps, capping them with Oakville coping and relaying the brick pavers to create a peaceful place for morning coffee. The fire pit area was finished off with a sunset fire round and cement benches that the homeowner previously had. Lastly, outside the back door now sits the designated dining space, leaving plenty of extra room for large gatherings.

Around the elevated patio are Delaware gray stone slabs that wrap around the beds. Boxwoods, blue mammoth hostas, a tri-color beech tree, and a variety of other trees and shrubs helped to incorporate soft edges around the renovated patio.

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