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$100,000 + Budget

Outdoor living and dining intermix to create this one-of-a-kind patio. Basalt Townhall pavers with a cobblestone texture create defined spaces within the 700 square foot patio. Snuggle up with a blanket and glass of wine to watch your favorite movie under the night sky on the outdoor TV or host a dinner party with seating enough for eight.

Spanning across the patio is a granite fusion Boulevard paver. A large format paver with a smooth surface and subtle rolled edges, laid in a running bond formation for a more contemporary appearance. The eye catching 15-foot-tall stone fireplace and built-in seating wall become the focal point of this backyard. The cedar mantel stylishly hides outdoor TV cords.

Lighting was added for safety and ambiance during nighttime TV viewing. A large platform was constructed stepping out from the patio door before leading you down the well-lit steps.

This project was finished off by carving out flower beds along the fence line, side yard, and around the patio. After maturing the evergreens along the back fence line will provide additional privacy. The lilacs, coneflowers, and Phlox offer color throughout the warm seasons. As the final touch, sod was laid to cover the remaining space and give room for kids to play outdoors.

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