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$50,000 Budget

Designed with the homeowners' preferences for natural products and materials, this new space is to entertain friends and neighbors before and after High School games. This multipurpose design allows them to do just that, with plenty of room to cook, entertain, and relax.

The 700 square foot patio space was completed using Sandstone Banas Stone pavers and the fireplace and counter space were built using Cultured Stone in Chardonnay Limestone. To make this project come to life we had to remove the existing backyard landscaping, install a concrete base, connect gas lines, and run electric out to the kitchen.

Before the backyard just housed a plain concrete slab where the homeowner kept their patio set. Now, the space has character as well as function. The pavers used in the patio create an artful design and play off the stone used in the counter and fireplace.  The design process took between 8-10 weeks to complete, and the installation happened over the course of 6 weeks.

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