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$350,000 + Budget

$10,000 Estate Maintenance Budget

5 Month Design

Initially starting as a small outdoor living space, the project evolved into the elaborate backyard makeover it is today. During COVID-19 the long working days and travel the homeowners were accustomed transitioned to working from home, creating a need for a more elaborate place to relax. Originally starting this design at the end of 2019, we faced a significant delay due to the shutdowns as a result of the pandemic. Installation began in late 2020 where our team worked through the winter to complete the project in 2021.

This 640 square foot patio was constructed using Pennsylvania Bluestone pavers in a flag pattern. Large beds were carved out all around to make the space feel more secluded. The focal point of this design is the custom-made fireplace and built-in seating bench which was constructed onsite using special ordered white limestone from Texas. The stark white provides dramatic contrast to the patio and accompanying 16 x 12 pergola. The 42-inch firebox allows homeowners to easily keep the space comfortable on chilly evenings.

Working with the natural sharp 7-foot drop in the backyard we designed an elegant 30-foot-long staircase that meanders down to the lower level. Natural stone cut treads on the steps provide sure footing when enjoying the space after dark. Large intermediate landings soften the impact of the otherwise steep, rigid staircase. To hold up the hillside, retaining walls were built into the staircase, adding dramatic effect. Clematis was added at the base of the stairs, to grow along the custom-built aluminum lattice, and at the pergola which will eventually trail up and overtop providing extra sun protection and privacy.

More than 15 different types of plants fill the space around the staircase and patio entrance, creating the hideaway feeling the homeowners were hoping for. Some varieties include phlox, thyme, sedum, astilbe, echinacea, hydrangeas, and scotch moss. Lastly, to improve the security around the home more than 40 different accent, decorative, and spotlights were installed around the home.

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