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National Association of Landscape Professional Award of Excellence - 2022 Bronze Medal

OGIA Competition Winner for Residential Installation $250,000 and over

OGIA Competition Winner for Best Water Feature 

$350,000 Budget

Earth, water, and fire combine to create this truly one-of-a-kind landscape design. From the front flower bed, 30-foot-long fiber glass pool, approximately 38-foot custom waterfall, and natural stone staircase each component of this design is a masterpiece on its own. The homeowners desired a pool and waterfall that looked natural and blended well into their private wooded backyard.

Black Hills rustic flagstone span the entire walkway entrance and provide a stark contrast to the blacktop driveway. Initially having a 12- foot drop in the yard, tiered flower beds were carved out to retain the hillside and provide a level area for the pool. Upon entering, the waterfall quickly draws your eye, spilling down to the pool. This stunning feature was built by using over 200 tons of various sized boulders and river gravel. To make it appear that the waterfall flowed directly into the pool, a roughly 5,000-gallon custom reservoir was built and buried 12-foot underground into the hillside.

Running alongside the waterfall, large boulders were squared off and used as steps that provide safe and stylish access down to the pool deck. The curved design of the waterfall was added to allow grandchildren a few places where they could interact with the water feature safely from the walkway. A raised flagstone fire pit area was designed to hide the reservoir and pool mechanicals. The 13 x 30-foot pool was placed in line to allow for views from the upper deck of house and to avoid the sharp drop off into the woods. Surrounding the pool is a 1,130 square foot pool deck that was constructed using a combination of Bavarian Bristol Valley and brown Holland Premier pavers.

A mixture of evergreens and flowering plants were strategically placed to soften the hardscape design. Evergreens including baby gem Buxus, white pine, spruce tree, and three Cypress trees were spread throughout the beds. Color consisting of mainly purples and blues, with pops of bright yellow, red, and pink. Split rail fencing was installed around the perimeter to contain the homeowners’ dog and for required safety reasons.

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