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$40,000 Budget

This project included all new landscaping around the entire home as well as a patio, walkway, irrigation system, fence extension, and landscape lighting.

In front of the home, we carved out a large bed, wrapping around the mature tree and filled it with 2 Dogwoods, hydrangeas, Hosta’s and boxwoods. Extending down either side of the house we added more hydrangeas and an evergreen tree on one side and planted decorative grass along the driveway.  Black hill rustic flagstones were placed to offer an alternate route from the main walkway and as an access point the utility hookup. Moving into the backyard, we installed a 350 square foot patio and walkway using Brussels block pavers outlined with 6-centimeter Hollandstone pavers. To provide easy access from the back door a sizeable stoop and two additional steps were added.

At the side of the detached garage, we created a small, raised bed with matching pavers, for use as a vegetable garden. River gravel was added around the AC unit, behind the shed, and between the fence and home to provide a clean look that is relatively low maintenance. The lush plant life was not forgotten in the backyard with beds expanding around the entire back property housing additional hydrangeas, false spirea, American cranberry bushes, and more.  A small screening of three arborvitaes was placed between the backyard and the garage to add further separation between the spaces.

The project was finished off with a brand-new irrigation system to aid in plant health, an extension of the existing wooden fence, and landscape lighting to highlight all the exquisite upgrades that had been made.