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$20,000 Budget

Packed with style this unique design features curves throughout the patio and walkway. Tucked between the main house and detached garage this area spans 448 square feet. Earth blend Washington pavers cover the space, trimming them out with a charcoal border. For the final touch the patio was sealed with a water-based sealant with a wet look finish providing a little bit of shine to the pavers. Sandalwood Pietra edging was installed around the entire property, this 88-foot-long perimeter provides definitive separation between patio, yard, and garden space. Additionally, we installed a 36-inch tall, capped column and short wall to divide the entry point to the garage and camouflage the a/c unit.

At the front and wrapping to the side of the house we stacked black hill natural stones to create a retaining wall around the flower bed. This brings the elements from the back to the front and adds structure and interest to the curb appeal of the home.  A combination of roses, boxwoods, lily turf, black eyed Susan, and other plants were installed around the property filling in the flower beds.

On the opposite side remained a small area between the house and fence. The homeowners wanted the space to be clear and require little to no maintenance. We added colored gravel and large steppers to keep the area clean and clear.