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$55,000 Budget

All the elements – earth, wind, water, and fire—come together to create this truly magical backyard renovation. The 506 square foot patio was built using Unilock beacon hill with a llcampo sailor course banding. We used estate wall to construct the wood burning fire pit and seating walls, capping them with ledgestone coping.

The homeowner wanted to incorporate the sound of water into the design but spacing would not allow for a traditional waterfall. We designed a pondless water feature that fit along the far side of the patio. This self-containing water feature recirculates water from the bottom to the top without the need of a full-scale pond, making it perfect for small spaces. For 24-hour viewing and ambience we added built-in lights throughout the waterfall.

The installation of the patio required us to remove trees and interfere with the current flower beds. We carved out new beds and added a variety of plants including stained glass hosta, boxwoods, a magnolia tree.

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