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$70,000 Budget

This client was looking for 3 distinct areas to incorporate into their patio design. They wanted a dining area to use for family gatherings, a cooking area, and a space for relaxing that included a fire feature where they could enjoy evenings together. This 1,000 plus square foot patio design delivers on all aspects.

This look was achieved by using three different types of pavers. To create the body of the patio we laid Beacon Hill Enduro Color pavers, next we installed a sailor banding using Basalt Copthorne pavers then finishing it off with fossil Holland Premier pavers around the perimeter. The subtle flagstone impression on the pavers provides for a striking visual day or night.  

The curved edges and landscaping around the patio soften the hardness of the elements and marry the transition from house to yard. As time continues the plants will mature to fill out the bed and offer more privacy. We also installed accent lighting around each area for safety and security purposes. The water feature provides another earthly element and adds a calming sound to the entire space.

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