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$100,000 Budget

At the front entrance new plant beds were installed along the sidewalk changing the look completely by eliminating overgrown monotonous hedges and replacing with color, texture, and varying plant height, creating a welcoming entrance with fresh smells and pops of color.  A natural stone slab step pulls from the houses exterior in texture and color, stepping up to second level of walkway to overcome front yard grading. A regal curved entrance, in contrasting black and white, add elegance to a castle-like home exterior with the installation of Oberfields Grand Lifestyle in Timeless color and Elements smooth banding in a contrasting white border.

In the backyard the old existing patio was blocked off from a splintered wooden deck with large taxis blocking access and requiring you to walk around to get from upper level to lower patio. Our designer created a master plan with a cohesive three tier outdoor living space that flowed from one level to the other seamlessly. Composite decking leads from kitchen/dining interior space to outdoor dining area for ease and convenience. Landscape lighting spotlights foliage and texture, path lighting makes sure footing and stair underlighting allows the eyes to adjust to the changing levels.

Natural stone slabs provide access to green space for kids and pets. Along right side is a two-tiered vegetable and herb garden for the homeowner’s culinary needs. Where once stood a wall of taxis blocking entrance from upper deck to lower patio, has been opened into a comfortable seating area. The safely lit stairs in Estate wall with Bronte Banas caps connects the three levels for easier access and more living space. Overlooking the two lower levels of Indian Coast all natural stone pavers with a Sailor Course border, that matches the color of the composite deck stairs, and Bronte banas stone surround create clean lines and a flow from one level to the next. Out of view to the bottom right is a grill space tucked neatly away.

Drainage issues were damaging the homes foundation, which prompted a complete renovation of the lower patio with a corrected pitch and additional channel drains. The patio is recessed to a sloping hillside that wraps around the southside of home, with softscaping to soften edges and create more intimate private space from neighbors.

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