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Designing For The Long Term

Posted on: October 4, 2021

Landscape design entails bringing together all the aspects of your home and lifestyle while working within the restraints of the location. The success of any landscaping project relies on the extent of planning done in the beginning. All large-scale construction projects experience changes throughout the building process, having a professional detailed design can help mitigate the unpredictable nature that comes with landscaping and ensure a timely installation.  Sometimes for large projects that include multiple spaces or features, a phased approach is best suited. Phased projects break the scope of work, timeline, and cost structures into “bite-sized” segments. This can help minimize the feeling of risk when going all in on a large multi-faceted landscape design project and make the overall goal seem more manageable. In addition, phased projects can help you better understand how certain components of the design fit together. 

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